Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sugarplum (aka The Soap Shop) Added To The Purge

In my continuing efforts to clean and organize, I listed another item on eBay. The poor little soap shop (made from a Greenleaf Sugarplum kit) has been sitting up on the shelf collecting dust for nearly two years. I just can't seem to find renewed inspiration for it, so I am hoping someone will get it and do something awesome with it!

I added a dormer with a rounded window to the roof, then added two more on either end of the gables. The gables are clad with 1/2" scale hexagonal shingles to give them some nice detail.

I extended the front porch and roof to make way for lots of display, letting the shoppers have a peek at what they can expect inside the shop. The door is made by Alessio and features arched mullions. I really like it!

The foundation and chimney are done in egg carton "stone".

I kept the interior very whitewashed so that the minis would be the star of the show.

I made all of the displays, shelving, baskets and window seats custom for the space, so they are included, too.

The fireplace is by Jim Coates...

As are the frames on the lover level windows.

I eliminated the second floor to give way to vaulted ceilings. A battery powered chandelier would be awesome in here! There's a built in shelf where the second floor would have been for more display space. The ceilings have a patterned textured ceiling paper by Jackson Miniatures.

Theres lots of display space for bottles of hair care products, shampoos, soaps, candles, jars of bath salts and potpourri and anything else you'd find in a soap shop. There's even a window seat where you could put some adorable pillows for sale.

The displays on either end were designed to hold wrapping paper rolls, ribbon spools and gift cards.

I started the bidding again at $.99 because I have no idea what to value something like this at. I'll let the buyer decide, and I will be happy knowing it is going to someone who feels inspired.

Here's the link to the auction:

Sugarplum Soap Shop Dollhouse

I am still going through boxes, repairing and sprucing up unused furniture and miscellaneous minis, so there may be more stuff to purge soon!

Have a great week!

xo xo

Friday, February 16, 2018

I Did It!

OMG I can't believe I actually did it! I finally got 20 lots full of items listed on eBay! Let me just tell you - it's a whole heck of a lot easier (and funner) to buy stuff than it is to sell it. Maybe instead of downsizing my mini collection, I ought to just buy a bigger house!

It was really fun to relive the dreams, challenges and successes going through all the little things I made and added to the barn, Bigfoot shop and dispensary. I remembered how much I loved each thing, and I hope the new owners will get as much joy and excitement from them as I did!

I started the bidding on each auction at $.99, so it will be fun to see if that will generate any excitement. I hope so! Here are the listings (just click on the words and it will open up a new window to the eBay auction page):

Garage and Shop Tool & Equipment Lot

Garage or Shop Work Bench with Tools & Accessories

Craftsman Type Rolling Tool Chest & Shop Stool

Handcrafted Rustic Log Double Bed and Furniture Set

Farmhouse Sink and Cabinet Unit Plus Stools

Loaded Fridge. Oven and Spice Shelf Set

Modified Modern Kitchen Set

Farmhouse Living Room Set Sofa Ottoman Tables and 12v Lamp

End Tables, Craftsman Bookshelf and Television Lot

Shop Fittings Triple Bookshelf and Two Tables

Bathroom Set w Custom Vanity, Shower, Mirror , Toilet. Accessories

Red Kitchen Miniatures

Grocery, Food and Cleaning Items

Diner or Cafe Miniatures

Bongs or Water Pipes and Marijuana Related Accessories (this auction has been removed by eBay, as it violated their drug paraphernalia policy. If you were interested, email me at jodihippler@gmail.com and I'll make you an excellent deal! :O)

Bigfoot or Sasquatch Gift Shop Items

White Store Counter with Mirrored Doors

Camping Scene & Equipment Miniatures Lot

Handmade Miniature Ice & Firewood Bundle Display for Your Store

Handcrafted Miniature Store Counter, Stools and Fridge

Click this link and it will open the page that shows all the auctions I currently have on.

Now my house is in desperate need of a good cleaning before I can get back to any more fun mini projects. Hopefully, though, I'll get some good spray painting weather and finish those sinks up soon!

Stay warm and have a relaxing weekend!

xo xo

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Binge & Purge

I've been on a bit of a bender. A mini bender that is. Since about June of 2012. That's when I allowed myself back into the world of my beloved miniatures. Prior to that, minis were completely out of the picture for nine years. Once I began indulging again, I fell totally off the wagon!

Mini Projects from 2012 - 2013
There were just so many possibilities. So many things to make for the worlds I could create. I just had to have it ALL! I was compelled to try! There was so much to learn! I am sure a lot of you can relate.

Mini Projects from 2014 - 2015
While all this mini love can give you a full heart, it can also lead to a very full house. When some of my finished structures, out of necessity, started matriculating into my bedroom last year, I knew I was going to have to make some tough decisions. Why keep things that were not going to be enjoyed? So, like any difficult decision, I had to let it marinate. But finally, I came to the realization that in order to continue to fulfill my future dreams (and I have plenty), I had to let some of the finished ones go. And really, I am surprisingly at peace with that.

Mini Projects from 2016
But how do you let things go? eBay? Some of the structures would be too cost prohibitive to ship. Plus, who'd want my vision and design choices for their new mini home? Craigslist? There aren't a whole lot of mini enthusiasts in my area, so finding someone who'd be willing to buy a completed project for a fair price seemed pretty implausible.

Projects from 2017

So finally, an idea hit me. What if I separated the minis and furniture from the structures? I could group like items and have fun with $.99 auctions on eBay for the furniture and accessories, then list the structures as "rehabs" on Craigslist. Sounds reasonable, right? The only way to know is to try...

So, I began last weekend with the Real Good Toys Contemporary Ranch. It was a funny project idea to me at the time, but somehow, a marijuana dispensary wasn't funny to me any longer. I began removing all the little wonders, and boy were there a lot of them, trying to cause as little damage to the wallpaper and flooring. Let's just say I learned a lot through trial and error and each room got progressively better. A heat gun and putty knife are essential tools!

I removed practically everything, including all of the landscaping. You'd never know it was once a place where nefarious happenings went on. The wallpaper will have to be replaced or just removed and walls painted. I damaged some spots on the wood flooring in two rooms, but those can be easily filled in and repaired. I am going to leave that up to the new owner. I am even going to leave the hideous green color scheme in hopes that some kind hearted person will want to enjoy the pleasure of it's obliteration. We'll see if there are any takers.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed deconstructing. Maybe just knowing things I'd loved were going to get new life someplace, and that I'd feel free to begin new projects guilt free has something to do with it. Once I had it gutted and the mini items cleaned and sorted, I started on the Real Good Toys Ruff & Rustic barn.

This was one of the projects that I never really finished. Didn't even shingle the roof. Poor planning on my part resulted in unfulfilled visions, and complete loss of passion for the whole project. I learned so much throughout the process, that I still consider the experience a good one. I am just ready to let it go. I am really enjoying and excited about reacquainting myself with every wonderful mini thing I made or specially purchased for the project! Some things I won't be able to let go in this one.

My work table looks like a mini flea market, and with the whole upstairs left to go, I may have a good number of eBay auctions to put together.

The other project that will get dismantled and sold is the Bigfoot tourist shop. I have three more after this, but those structures are smaller and may be better off sold as dioramas. We'll see. Just making progress in organizing and purging feels good to my soul.

xo xo,